How to Replace Stair Treads with Spindles

How to Replace Stair Treads with Spindles

Discover how to replace stair treads with spindles and elevate your home’s interior. Step-by-step guide on installation and choosing materials.
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If you're looking to refresh your staircase, replacing old stair treads with new ones and perhaps adding or updating the spindles can make a dramatic difference. It's like giving your home a mini-makeover without the need for a full renovation. Carpet stair treads are a great way to add extra umph to your staircase with ease.

To replace stair treads with spindles, start by removing the existing treads and any old spindles. Then, measure and cut new treads and spindles to fit, securely install them to the staircase framework, and finish by staining or sealing for a polished look. 

Getting Started: How to Replace Old Stair Treads   

Replacing old stair treads might seem like a big project, but it’s one many homeowners can tackle over a weekend. First things first, you’ll need to remove the existing treads. This is typically done by prying them up from the staircase framework. Be gentle to avoid damaging the stringer—the structural support for the treads.

Choosing Your Materials: How to Replace Stair Treads with Hardwood   

Replacing stair treads with hardwood offers durability and timeless style. Oak and maple are popular choices due to their hardness and grain patterns. Before installation, make sure the wood is acclimated to your home’s environment to prevent warping later on.

A Touch of Elegance: Spindle Replacement and Alternatives   

Are Stair Spindles Easy to Replace?   

Replacing spindles—or balusters, as they’re also known—can be straightforward if you’re simply swapping old for new. However, aligning new spindles with existing holes can be tricky if sizes differ. A tip for easy alignment is to number each spindle and its corresponding position as you remove them.

What Is an Alternative to Spindles on Stairs?   

For those looking for something different, consider glass panels or horizontal rails. These can give your staircase a modern, open feel while still providing safety and support.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Hardwood Treads and Spindles   

  1. Preparation: After removing old treads and spindles, prep the area by cleaning and leveling any uneven surfaces.

  2. Measurement: Measure each step to cut your new treads and spindles accurately. Remember, it’s better to measure twice and cut once!

  3. Installation: Start by installing your treads, securing them from above with screws, countersunk and filled with wood filler to match. Then, install your spindles, ensuring they’re tightly secured and evenly spaced.

  4. Finishing Touches: Sand any rough edges and apply a stain or sealant to both treads and spindles, enhancing their durability and color harmony. 

Emphasizing Safety and Style   

Our stair treads are not just practical—they’re also a key element of your home’s aesthetic. Whether you choose the rich warmth of hardwood or the sleek appeal of alternative materials, our products promise both safety and style. Remember, a well-maintained staircase isn’t just a pathway between floors; it’s a central piece of your home’s character.


Updating your stair treads and spindles can transform the look and feel of your home. By following the steps outlined, you can ensure a successful installation that brings both beauty and functionality to your space. So, why not take the leap and start your stair renovation project today?