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Oak Valley Designs Gift Card

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What you need:One bucket (or large bowl), two cloths, gentle liquid soap, warm water.

Step One:If the stain or accident is still wet, use a clean cloth or paper towel to pat and soak up as much as possible.

Step Two:Wet one cloth in the warm soapy water, wring out, then press down on the stain and continue to pat. It’s important to not rub the carpet as this could comprise the integrity of the yarn and give it a different texture.

Step Three:Continue to rinse your cloth in the warm water and pat the stain multiple times.

Step Four:Once the stain has lifted, soak up as much of the soapy water as possible.

Step Five:Pat the stained area with fresh clean water then pat dry.Last Step: Try to dry the area as best you can with a clean dry cloth or paper towels, then allow to air dry. Be sure to try and keep anyone from walking on the freshly cleaned area until dry.

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Installing carpet stair treads takes as little as 20 minutes. Measuring stairs and landing areas is quite simple. All you need is a tape-measure, pencil, and a piece of paper.