Best Way to Secure Stair Treads

Best Way to Secure Stair Treads

Learn the best way to secure stair treads easily with tips from Oak Valley Designs. Keep your step stair treads safe and in place.
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Figuring out the best way to secure stair treads is super important.

You want them to look good and stay put so no one slips.

At Oak Valley Designs, our products make your stairs both safe and stylish.

Here’s how to keep those treads in place. 

What is the Best Way to Secure Stair Treads? 

Our carpet stair treads at Oak Valley are the simplest to secure.

You just peel the backing off and stick them to your existing hard floor.

That it! You're done! 

If you're installing rubber or wood stair treads, however, the best way to secure stair treads depends on a few things.

Using both glue and nails or screws works best.

This way, they stay put and don’t move around. 

Using Glue 

Glue is easy to use and works great.

It helps the treads stick to the stairs without slipping.

  • Clean the Surface: Make sure the stairs are clean.
  • Apply the Glue: Put the glue on the back of the tread in a zigzag pattern.
  • Press Firmly: Place the tread on the stair and press down hard. Let it dry. 

Using Nails or Screws 

Nails or screws add extra security.

They keep the treads in place, especially if they’re heavy, like oak stair treads.

  • Pre-Drill Holes: Drill small holes in the treads where the nails or screws will go.
  • Insert Fasteners: Use nails or screws to secure the treads. Make sure they are flat so no one trips.
  • Cover Fasteners: Use wood filler to cover the nails or screws. 

Should Stair Treads Be Nailed or Glued? 

You can use either nails or glue, but using both is the best way.


Nails hold the treads right away.

They are great for heavy wood treads. 


Glue gives a strong bond across the whole tread.

It helps keep the treads from moving or creaking. 

Combining Both 

Using both glue and nails is the best.

Glue for a strong hold and nails for extra security.

This keeps the treads from moving. 

How Do I Keep My Stair Treads from Sliding? 

Keeping stair treads from sliding is key to staying safe.

Oak Valley carpet stair treads don't slip and slide.

For your other types of carpet stair treads, check out these simple ways to do it: 

Non-Slip Pads 

Non-slip pads help by adding grip between the tread and the stair.

  • Clean the Surface: Make sure the stairs are clean.
  • Apply Pads: Stick the pads on the back of each tread.
  • Secure Treads: Press the treads down firmly. 

Carpet Tape 

Carpet tape is a double-sided tape that holds treads in place.

  • Cut Tape: Cut the tape to the length of the tread.
  • Apply Tape: Stick the tape to the back of the tread.
  • Press Firmly: Press the tread onto the stair. 

Regular Maintenance 

Check your treads often.

Make sure they are not moving.

Clean the stairs and reapply glue or nails if needed. 

Final Thoughts 

Securing stair treads right is far from important.

Use both glue and nails to keep your stair treads secure.

Check them regularly to make sure they stay secure.

We're all about keeping your stairs stylish, comfortable, and safe, so check out our peel-and-go carpet stair treads if you want a super simple solution.

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