Shapes of Stair Treads

Our stair treads are available in three different shapes depending on the style of stairs in your home or business. We have the ability to make your tread into one of the below shapes with any carpet of your choosing. Upon choosing the depth of your stair, the style and color that best fits your taste, you will be asked to select the shape of tread you would like our mill to create for your staircase.


Bullnose ROUND EDGE stair tread shown in Grey “TAHOE” by J MISH.

The bullnose stair tread has a standard round edge at the front of the existing wooden tread. With our specially formulated backing Oak Valley Designs treads are preformed for the optimal fit creating the perfect wrap around designer covering for your stairs.


Custom made SQUARE EDGE stair tread shown in Medium Grey “TAHOE” by J MISH.

The square edge stair tread has a slightly more contemporary feel. Our mill has the ability to custom fit the carpet of your choosing to create and tight, clean wrap around finish to the square edge of your stair by using our industry leading preform method.