Oak Valley Designs Stair Treads

Oak Valley Designs Stair Treads

Oak Valley Designs stair treads are the perfect solution for adding safety and style to your staircase. With easy installation, and attractive design options.
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When it comes to enhancing the safety and style of your home, Oak Valley Designs is the go-to source for high-quality carpet stair treads. With a mission and commitment to providing top-notch products. 

Oak Valley Designs Stair Treads are easy to install and make for the perfect DIY project.

The Benefits of Oak Valley Designs Carpet Stair Treads

We offer innovative features with our carpet stair treads, including sewn-in fiber pad backing and non-damaging built-in adhesive.

These features not only provide a secure and anti-slip surface but also ensure comfort for families with children and pets.

Our treads come in a variety of style and design options, including traditional stair treads, to complement any home decor, making them a perfect addition to any household.

Custom Orders 

We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer custom orders to cater to individual customer needs. Whether it's specific measurements or a particular color or pattern, we provide options for customizing carpet stair treads to fit any staircase.

Matching Stair Landing Carpet Pads

Additionally, we offer matching stair landing carpet pads to create a cohesive look throughout the home, adding a touch of elegance to every step. These landing pads can be custom made, to fit any size landing. 

Built-In Adhesive Backing

One of the key features of Oak Valley Designs stair treads, is the built-in adhesive backing. This decreases the unnecessary, and often messy, step of having to apply adhesive to each stair tread before application. 

With our carpet stair treads, simply remove the plastic protector sheet from the back of the stair tread and apply to the step. It's as easy as that, and requires little to no experience. 

Quality Carpet Stair Treads

With a reputation for high-quality, durable products, Oak Valley Designs has become a trusted name in the industry.

Customer testimonials and reviews speak to the satisfaction and peace of mind that come with choosing our carpet stair treads and related products.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors, making us the preferred choice for those seeking luxury carpet stair treads.


With many different types of stair treads on the market, Oak Valley Designs offers high quality carpet stair treads. With innovative features, custom options, and a stellar reputation, Oak Valley Designs is the perfect choice for those seeking design, style, and comfort in their homes. For those looking to take the next step in home improvement, Oak Valley Designs is the answer.